At Strategic Debt Solutions, we understand that there are countless companies who offer debt
settlement services. And when it comes to settling your debts, you may be left wondering, how do I choose?

We suggest that when considering a debt settlement service you ask the following key questions:

Does the company have a service guarantee?

There are many companies that do not guarantee their services—meaning the company has less incentive to negotiate your debt once they have collected their service fee, these companies typicall charges an upfront fee for the services rendered.

Strategic Debt Solutions offers a 100 percent Guarantee that we will not charge any upront fees for accounts enrolled in our program. Bottom line: If we are unable to
settle one or more of your accounts, we will not charge a service fee for that account period.


I want to thanks strategic debt for helping me to become debt free in just 12 short months and saving me and my family thousands of dollars..Emily Anderson

Debbie for Alabama, because of your program I am now able to save money monthly and no longer living pay check to pay check, thank you Strategic Debt Solutions for all your help..Deborah Wilson

Does the company have debt arbitrators handling your settlement?

If not you may not get the results they claim.

Strategic Debt Solutions’ debt negotiators are certified through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Does the company list an address on their website?

It is important that you check to see if the company has an office with a physical address—be wary of a P.O. box or, worse, no address at all.

Strategic Debt Solutions’ state-of-the-art corporate headquarters is located at:
8461 Lake Worth
Suite #450.
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Does the company have in-house debt consultants and negotiators?

Some organizations sign people for debt settlement services and promptly sell that client to a negotiation company.
Strategic Debt Solutions takes pride in employing one of the best negotiation teams in the country and we handle everything in-house. We will never simply pass your
account on to a third party.

Who looks after your savings?

Many companies hold your savings in a trust account requiring you to hand over control of your money.

At Strategic Debt Solutions, you retain control of your savings account and only you can approve payments out of the account. You also authorize every settlement
before it is finalized. Therefore, nothing is done without your approval.

Does the company make proper disclosures about their debt settlement program?

Make sure you understand all terms and conditions of any debt settlement program. With Strategic Debt Solutions, you will be asked questions such as:
1. Do you fully understand the fee and payment structure?
2. Do you understand that Strategic Debt Solutions is not a law firm and that Strategic Debt Solutions, nor any of its officers, employees, or agents can provide
     legal advice?
3. Do you understand that Strategic Debt Solutions does not manage your personal savings account that will be used for settlement purposes nor do we make
    payments to creditors on your behalf?
4. Do you understand that a settlement program may have an adverse affect on your credit report?
5. Do you understand that Strategic Debt Solutions cannot stop a creditor from charging interest on your account?
6. Do you understand that under certain circumstances, money saved during the debt settlement process could be considered taxable?

Does the company accept credit card payments?

Accepting credit card payments is both ethically and legally improper.

Strategic Debt Solutions will not accept credit card payments.

Before You Begin:

Prior to making the important decision of how to resolve your debt situation, please contact one of our debt consultants who will fully explain our debt settlement

program. And remember: Our program can get you out of debt within an 18 to 36 month time period while settling for a fraction of your principal balance.* Plus, our services are 100

percent guaranteed to not charge any upfront fees. *Settlement estimates of 40 to 60 percent are examples of past performance of settled accounts. Individual results may vary and are dependant on successful completion of program and ability to save funds. The average client completes our program sucessfully within a 36 months time frame.