When faced with more than $10,000 of unsecured debt, it is important to understand each option available to you and, more importantly, why debt settlement from Strategic Debt Solutions may be the best solution for you.

Please take a moment to learn more about each of your choices and how debt settlement surpasses other options.

Credit Counseling

The most common form of debt relief, credit counseling is a form of credit card consolidation. Programs typically require you to close all of your credit card accounts and then make one payment to the credit counseling company. The credit counseling company then disperses the payment to your individual creditors. Besides the ease of one monthly payment, another benefit of credit counseling is that you will typically receive a lower interest rate.

Often, universities, military bases, credit unions or housing authorities operate nonprofit financial counseling programs, but others charge a fee for their services. Recently, however, nonprofit credit counseling organizations have been shown misusing their nonprofit status and there is no guarantee that credit counseling services will be free or even valid. Hidden fees and voluntary contributions can even lead you further into debt.

Credit counseling is available locally, via telephone, or on the Internet. But you should be wary of any organization that charges high up-front or monthly fees. Make sure the company does not pressure you to make voluntary contributions. Also, the company should provide you with free information about their services and thoroughly review your financial situation.



I want to thanks strategic debt for helping me to become debt free in just 12 short months and saving me and my family thousands of dollars..Emily Anderson

Debbie from Alabama, because of your program I am now able to save money monthly and no longer living pay check to pay check, thank you Strategic Debt Solutions for all your help.. Deborah Wilson

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Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation, also referred to as a consolidation loan, is the replacement of multiple loans with a single loan with a lower monthly payment and a longer repay-
ment period.

The Federal Trade Commission, FTC, defines debt consolidation as, “you may be able to lower your cost of credit by consolidating your debt through a second mort-
gage or a home equity line of credit. Remember that these loans require you to put your home as collateral.”

Most debt consolidation loans are given in the form of a home equity loan. This means if you do not pay you lose your home. And although debt consolidation may
seem like a great way to take control of your finances, it also comes with the risk of ending up even further in debt and paying more interest that you were previously.


The effects of bankruptcy are long lasting and bankruptcy should only be considered as a last resort. Because bankruptcy stays on your credit report for ten years, it
has the potential to affect your ability to obtain credit, buy a home, get a loan, rent and apartment, and even get a job. Please, do not file for bankruptcy until to talk to
one of our experienced debt counselors!

Debt Settlement—The Best Alternative

Also known as debt negotiation, debt settlement is an ambitious approach to debt reduction for people experiencing the strains of too much debt.

Because if you choose to file bankruptcy the creditor would receive nothing, creditors are usually willing to settle the balance of debt owed when you are under finan-
cial hardship. Strategic Debt Solutions will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf to settle for an amount much less than the balance you owe. With the help of our
professional negotiators, you may reduce your debt by 40 to 60 percent of the principal balance!
*Settlement estimates of 40 to 60 percent are examples of past performance of settled accounts. Individual results may vary and are dependant on successful completion of program and ability to save funds.

We contact your creditors and act as your representative. Once you have accumulated the necessary funds to settle with one of your creditors, we will immediately
contact the creditor to inform them we are now representing you and your interest in settling the current debt with them. We will diligently continue to negotiate all of
your debts until you have eliminated all of your debt in the program within 12 to 36 months. Once paid, your debt is gone forever.

Plus, at Strategic Debt Solutions we maintain the following high standards of conduct:

• We assist you to establish a third party savings account in your name that YOU control and have access to 24/7.
• Our team of industry professionals is ready to serve you in our settlement department, customer mediation department, and customer relations department.

Remember: Strategic Debt Solutions works on your behalf, not the creditors. Our team of skilled negotiators has settled millions of dollars of unsecured debt for people
just like you. With years of experience in the consumer credit industry, our company will help you navigate through these difficult times until you become financially
free! Don’t hesitate another moment—contact us today.