I want to thanks strategic debt for helping me to become debt free in just 12 short months and saving me and my family thousands of dollars..Emily Anderson

Debbie for Alabama because of your program i am now able to save money monthly and no longer living pay check to pay check, thank you strategic debtsolutions for all your help.. Deborah Wilson

Q: What is debt settlement?

A: Simply stated, debt settlement is when an impartial third party, such as Strategic Debt Solutions, works to reach a favorable agreement for both
parties—you and your account providers—concerning the repayment of outstanding debt. Strategic Debt Solutions works with creditors to negotiate total
balances and reduce money owed by up to 60 percent. This offers you an intelligent solution to becoming debt free within a realistic time frame, and is the
best debt reduction option as it creates an environment that totally benefits you, the consumer. Strategic Debt Solutions saves you the most money pos-
sible, our program is confidential, and we don’t have to report to credit agencies.

Q: Is debt settlement legal?

A: Yes. 100 percent legal, debt settlement is quickly becoming the most sought after type of debt management.

Q: Will debt settlement work for me?

A: Yes. Debt settlement from Strategic Debt Solutions will give you the chance to become debt free and still live comfortably. The alternative—making mini-
mum payments each month, paying outrageously high late fees or over-limit fees, paying your debt with high interest rates, or transferring balances
between different cards—will never get you on the road to financial freedom. But debt settlement from Strategic Debt Solutions WILL work for you.

Q: Can I enter your program if I am not currently behind on my bills?

A: Yes. In fact, the biggest advantage to enrolling in Strategic Debt Solutions’ debt settlement program is the benefit of an effective 0% interest rate,
decreased monthly payments, and a reduced payoff time. These are benefits that all consumers can take advantage of. If, however, you ARE able to pay
your bills and manage your debt effectively, then debt settlement is not for you.

Q: Will I still be able to use my credit cards?

A: No. All accounts entered into the debt settlement program will be closed. Our goal is to save you enough money monthly and eliminate outstanding debts
quickly enough that the need for keeping accounts open will not exist. Strategic Debt Solutions cannot negotiate your accounts if your cards remain active.

Q: Will I be able to acquire new credit cards?

A: No, not during the program. Once you finish the program and you have re-established your credit you will be able to apply for new credit cards.

Q: What happens to my money that is being saved each month?

A: Each month, you will directly deposit funds into your new Settlement Savings Account with Strategic Debt Solutions. This is YOUR money and is depos-
ited directly into YOUR account. The only time Strategic Debt Solutions will be able to disburse any of these funds is when you have signed off on a settl-
ement with one of your creditors. If for some reason you would have to cancel enrollment or withdraw from your settlement plan early, the money that is in
your account will go directly to you. The bottom line is: You own and control the savings account—nothing can be done without your approval.

Q: How much money will Strategic Debt Solutions save me?

A: While debt settlements are unpredictable and may vary greatly, the best part about Strategic Debt Solutions is that we make our money based upon what
we save you. Our expert negotiators are paid based upon settlement percentage, which means that the better settlement they arrange for you, the more
compensation they receive. This ensures that our settlement team is working directly for YOU and not the creditors. As a result, the absolute best settlement
deals are achieved with your best interest in mind.

Q: How does the program work?

A: Strategic Debt Solutions negotiators will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.
1. Strategic Debt Solutions will establish an affordable monthly savings plan in order to obtain settlements with your creditors.
2. The monthly savings amount is electronically debited from your personal bank account and deposited into your personal settlement account at a
federally insured bank on the date(s) you work out with our settlement coach.
3. When you have accumulated enough money to cover the settlement, we contact one of the creditors on your behalf and make them an offer. Offers
are submitted until both you and the creditor agree on the amount. Once agreed, you will make the payment to the creditor. Once this settlement is paid,
you will again begin the accumulation of funds in your settlement savings account and the process will repeat as money becomes available for the next
settlement. We continue in this way until all of your accounts are settled.
4. This process typically takes about 36 months or less. Strategic Debt Solutions will contact creditors when it is the most appropriate time to get the
best settlement for you.
5. As a new client, Strategic Debt Solutions will educate YOU on how to handle creditor calls and communications.
6. Our expert certified debt negotiators are paid bonuses based upon lower settlement percentages. That means the better settlement they arrange for
you, the more compensation they receive. As a result, the absolute best settlement deals are achieved with your best interests in mind.

Q: Who is responsible for the savings fund necessary to settle my debt?

A: You. The program requires that you make a deposit into this savings account during each month of the program. However, this monthly deposit will be
considerably less than the total monthly payments you are currently making. This is the preferred method for our clients because you have complete control
of your own savings account and have the final word in the settlement process.

Q: Will all of my creditors be open to debt settlement?

A: Strategic Debt Solutions Debt Solutions evaluates each client’s situation on an individual basis. We maintain relationships with numerous consumer-
lending institutions and traditionally know exactly which ones are willing to settle and typically at what percentage. We will not accept into our program debt
from creditors or collectors that have proven difficult to work with or situations that will hinder our ability to settle your debts.

Q: Is debt settlement the same as debt consolidation?

A: No. The goal of debt settlement is to reduce the overall amount of the debt, by negotiating agreed payoff amounts with your creditors. Debt consolidation
requires you to take a loan to pay off your unsecured debt with secured debt, and 70 percent of people who obtain a debt consolidation loan find themselves
in deeper debt than they were originally in within a two year period.

Q: Can you settle your debt on your own?

A: Some people naively think that all it takes is a quick five-minute phone call to each of their creditors to forgive thousands of dollars of the money owed.
We wish it was that easy! But negotiating settlements with creditors and collection agencies usually requires many well-planned phone calls, letters, and
proposals over a period of several months. Plus, most people don’t have our intricate knowledge of each financial institution and collection agency. Only
Strategic Debt Solutions has what it takes to get you safely and quickly out of debt.